Friday, May 7, 2010

whattt a week!

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this week has been one crazy week! i've been super busy with various celebrations and events. No time to really update at all haha. This update those is going to be pretty picture heavy!

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Last saturday, I went and saw Beach House in Chapel Hill. It was my first time at chapel hill and i loved it! Such a cute little town. Beach House was so amazing. I felt like I was in a 1970s disco. Everyone was just swaying and dancing to the music. It was contagious, the night was alive, and the music was sinfully good. If you haven't heard of beach house. Then take a quick listen to one of their songs. I promise you will like it. Although, it is quite different.. i adore it.

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Tuesday, I had a little star wars themed party. "May the fourth be with you." The costumes were loosely based on characters we chose. I was Leia, and my bf actually made my dress in one night! I actually loved the dress. It wasn't anything like the costume she was known for..but i wanted it to be a cute summery dress. I also couldn't pull of the two bun look because of my thin i went with one.

dress my boyfriend made me. he did it on his own, his design, and no pattern. I was impressed. Specially since it was just such a quick thing.
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han solo, leia and chewy.

Last update of my week was last night. cinco de mayo! I enjoyed a few margaritas with my fave people, watched 500 days of summer, and went on a late night trip to our favorite food place Jimbo's for some pancakes.

Awesome week! :] Sorry for such a drawn out post.

Winner of the dress goes to Talia, and winner of the makeup bag goes to Katelyne . Congrats love! I hope you enjoy the items ♥

P.S. I am feeling a fave makeup and beauty goods giveaway soon! :]


Iva said...

WOW!! your bf did an awesome job!!! Happy Friday! Have a super weekend!

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