Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hiding out

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Its a very rainy and very wet day in wilmington. Right now Michael and I are hiding in the library using real internet! I was trying so hard to connect onto a network at my apartment but couldn't. So we decided to go on this rainy night adventure. Also, i am going back to work tomorrow morning! Thank you God. :] I needed that one.

I feel like this week has been full of yummy treats and delicious foods. Everything i've eaten or tried has been the best thing i've had. So i feel like sharing on some of my new fave treats.

1)First on the list. I used to not like soda at all and i didn't drink it for a looong time. Wilmington kind of killed that streak. So instead of soda..I've been drinking Izze now. I used to drink it a a lot but not I am trying to get the 4 pack of it to store in my fridge. My fave is pomegranate. Tasty.
izze :) Pictures, Images and Photos

2) These amazing lovely Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes from our local co-op. They are so rich and tasty. Now i want one!
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3) This bar thing my boyfriend had today..was one of the most amazing treats ive been given. It was Cherry Pie Flavored. It was delicious. I want more. I stole like a ton of bites out of his. This lovely treat was a Lara Bar I want one of those now too..
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4) Some type of Blue Jamacian Coffee. I had a sample of it at Fresh Market and it was amazing. I love coffee. This stuff was just so smooth. I have to go back and buy some this week!
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Also, i am moving this august to a new apartment. I have some ideas for redoing the place.
For my bedroom, I like the idea of the tree. My color palette is black,tiffany blue and gold. I know may sound strange but my mom got me this awesome black/gold comforter.
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I am also digging this idea for my kitchen. I am thinking of painting one wall coral, and doing the whole picture on cabinet thing. I have the idea of clip frames and velcro for that one though
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I love decorating so I am really pumped for this new apartment!! :] Btw, my next blog post is going to be all about my tattoos. And some sewing. I've been lacking on the whole sewing thing..i've been having spring fever.

xo & cupcakes

P.S. I decided to get my hair styled for my bday. Any ideas? Pictures would be awesome. I think I want to wear it down :]


NabilaHazirah said...

i love the pictures and your blog is so lovely!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I really need to venture out and try these vegan cupcakes! I love I can't imagine I wouldn't love those! :) Hmmm if you are wanting to wear it down...I'd get some really thick curls and maybe random braids...I love Promise's hair styles...look:

Paige Baker said...

Oh your blog is beautiful! And I LOVE izze and those cupcakes make me want to stuff my face with pastries ! Glad I found you!:)

Anna Katrina said...

we have a lot of the same tastes, lattes, izze (which i have been missing b/c they dont have in spain), larabars, and more! well be great blogging friends :)

would love you to visit Passport Glamour & follow if you like!

Anna Katrina

Sophie said...

<3 love the colors

please check out and follow my blog everyone

Paige Baker said...

Thank you! You said you are following but my thing says you are not:( Anyway, I really do adore your blog. About the izzes--I just bought a 12 pack box of those last weekend! yum!

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

Mm! Lots of deliciousness here!

Is that Lara Bar good for you? I'm going to have to check that out.

I am excited to see your new post full of tattoos and sewing, and your new decorated apartment! I love decorating too, too bad I still live at home, not that I mind that much. :)

I think you should do big loose curls for your birthday, YAY!

Claudia said...

lovely blog!!! :)

vivatveritas said...

what a cute list! love the cupcakes!


miss anonymous said...

yuumm cuppycakes :)

x miss anonymous.

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