Sunday, May 16, 2010

duct tape and grocery bag dress?

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sorry i haven't updated/commented. i have lost good internet connection..long story. So i scramble around my living room looking for a teeny bit of connection. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon..or I'll be living at Starbucks.

(it has seriously taken me since friday to slowly work on this post because of the internet prob :[)

Anyways, thursday i went to an anything but clothes party. I took a little less than two hours to make this dress. Duct tape, trash bag, saran wrap and grocery bags create this number. Oh and a bit of lavender spray paint. I was literally duct taped in from the ribcage down to the skirt. I made the top with an old bikini top, and the skirt with an elastic band. I loved the result! I kept getting compliments all night how i won best costume/outfit. Or how it was really cute. I was so happy people liked it haha. My sister ended up wearing a pillow case, my friend Jenna scarves, and just endless other outfits.

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Yesterday was wonderful too. Spent the day on the beach..had mexican food for lunch with great friends and finished the night off with Jenna's bday celebration. It was a good day! :]

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my birthday is in 18 days and i am thinking of getting a vegan cake or cupcakes. yummy :] Do you all try to eat healthy? Or are any of you vegetarians?

xo, love and cupcakes!


Samantha said...

Your dress was very creative and adorable! You looked gorgeous! I used to be vegetarian but not anymore, I still love vegan cheesecake though.

miss anonymous said...

Really creative dress, it looked amazing! I have no idea how you got out of that thing. :P

Damaris said...

not vegetarian but I do love myself some good cupcakes vegan or otherwise.

Sophie said...

i loooooove the dress. so funky

please check out my blog and follow it everyone!!

Iva said...

omg what a fun dress and party! :)

Chelsea Robbins said...

omg, those look lovely. <3

Anonymous said...

Your dress looks awesome!!! I don't eat red meat or pork...mmmm cupcakes.

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Cara said...

Beautiful! Seriously LOVE your dress! And what did you mean, have I thought about doing spray tan? I'm just confused because that's what I said in my post, that I had started doing it. Just need clarification my dear lady!


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