Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the painful price of beauty

As i flipped through the channels tonight I couldn't find much to watch. I debated between that 70's show, possibly some other various channels. Then I saw Jessica Simpson's new show. I watched it a few times in the past and i sort of enjoyed it. It had an overall positive message and I needed something different to watch. I remember this one episode where they went to Thailand. In Thailand they met this woman named Panya Bunjan. You see in Thailand they value paler skin, they find it more attractive. She was a singer and wanted to be more beautiful. Her friend gave her some type of bleaching cream to make her skin lighter. It destroyed and totally damaged her skin. She barely left the house for five years. Her husband divorced her because she was no longer "Beautiful." Goodness, hearing all this set me into tears. I just couldn't stand what this woman had to go through. I just wanted to reach into the tv and give her a hug. I prayed for her and hoped that something good would happen to her. Jessica sat their holding Panya while both were in tears. It really was something touching. Well tonights episode was the season finale. They brought Panya to the states to help her out. (I was so glad!) They fixed her hair and gave her longer hair like she wanted. They fixed her skin with makeup. She looked absolutely stunning! She was the most beautiful woman there too! She glowed, she was so happy. You could tell how grateful she was. She cried, and cried, and cried. She could not stop saying thank you and hugging everyone. Jessica also set her up with her dermatologist to help correct her skin. This woman received the fresh start she deserved. She was beautiful inside, and out. Lets just say I was sitting on my couch balling.

I know Jessica isn't a very great icon or that many people are fond of her. But honestly, I think what she did was a really awesome thing. She is trying, and at least she is being real.

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"There is a lot of pressure to feel beautiful," says Simpson. "It's one thing to have insecurities but when you have the whole world watching and people are criticizing you on top of it, it just can get to the point of being too much."
She continued, "People put so much pressure on women to be beautiful. There is always a new diet to follow, a new beauty product to use, but is that really what defines beauty?"

Here is what i think. I think we should all try to cut back on harmful beauty routines. Try to be a natural beauty. Try to better who we are. Tanning in tanning beds is one unsafe beauty habit. We all think that we are safe from skin cancer and that its so rare. Well, I am guilty of tanning bed usage. My new proposition is natural sunlight and some good ol' sunblock. I am quitting the tanning bed for good. (Although i barely go!) So do you think you got what it takes? Just something to think about.

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Anonymous said...

I actually really like Jessica Simpson. I think she's a lot smarter than she seems and I think it's great that she's trying to shed light on how beauty is viewed all over.

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

lovely post!
i think that jessica is a lot smarter than people think. i mean i'm sure she is quite a business woman with all the work that she does. the airhead personality is just a marketing tool.
it's so hard to accept ourselves completely. you need so much self control because society just gives us too much pressure.

Iva said...

I really like her. I think she is beautiful and I love her shoes! Happy Friday! Have a nice weekend!

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