Tuesday, May 18, 2010

living in the 70s

still no proper internet..fingers crossed this will be fixed soon! today i have decided to answer a few questions about myself. so everyone can get to know me a bit better! i encourage us all to do this!

Also, on a really random note! Before i get to the q&a's my boyfriend and i came up with a really random idea. The idea is named Babaritos You may be thinking what the heck is this crazy girl talking about. Well, we want to open our own burrito stand. We are burrito eating, burrito loving, and burrito tiempo kinda people. We were just messing around with the idea and then it became a legit idea. We are going to try to get the permits, raise the money with fundraisers and get this thing on the road. We are planning on coming up with crazy, awesome burritos. Not just the normal kind but some ethnic flair too it. Also, we want to keep the prices low because we are poor college kids! It sucks because we love burritos and the one place we go to its like 10 dollars plus + to enjoy a nice burrito. Not cool! So anyways, babaritos was born. (the name comes from the nickname for the bunny, baba)

How many tattoos do you have? What are they?
I have 7 tattoos, nothing too big. Start from my first. Jasmine Flower between my shoulder blades, stars on my chest, anchor on my waistline,sparrow on my foot, dove with olive branch on my ribs, home on my wrist, and last my tree with serendipity underneath. I get a lot of crap for having tattoos..because I'm a Christian and my dads a pastor. Its annoying but i just keep smiling and forget about judgement.

Tell me about your job:
I love my job! Although, i haven't been there in almost 2 weeks. (boss has been sick) I work as an assistant for an accountant. I do a lot of paper work, filing, running numbers through bank accounts, running errands and etc. I miss working right now! I am actually a nervous wreck because my boss hasn't called or texted me to let me know when i am coming in next! *fingers crossed that he does*

Last question to finish off the questions. What are your favorite shoes and why?
Oh my gosh, i can't pick just one. I love all my shoes. So i'll tell you my top 3 faves. My moccasins which were given to me from my bf from Christmas. They are so comfy, soft and go with most of my wardrobe. My Van's authentics, they match everything, they are broken in, and a great year round shoe. Last but not least my sandals from f21..for the same reasons as the other two pair. :]

Also, outfit of the day. I was kind of nervous showing of my stomach, I was kind of bloated and I'm self concsious about my weight. I was feeling the 60/70s vibe. I felt like this is something my mom would have worn back in the day. It was perfect for the beach too. I even wore a big floppy hat while laying out.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Top- Forever 21; 11.50
Crocheted Overtop- Wet Seal, 3.49
Shorts- Wet Seal, 3.99
Bikini Underneath- Victoria Secret, $20.00
Forever 21, came with a dress i purchased
Stolen from my little sister

Also, check out my awesome ring! I love star wars A LOT! But, it came with a cupcake which only cost 88 cents. My new fave ring

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tell me about your job, your fave shoes, and about your tattoos (if you have any) :]

xo and cupcakes


Michelle (michabella) said...

SUPER cute outfit!!! Your dad's a pastor? That's awesome! ANd you who cares what those people say. So annoying. People react the same way towards me when they find out I have them too because I am very involved and church and whatnot. God is the one with the right to judge. I love tattoos...I want to see all of yours! <333

Cara said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG. A lot. Like..... a lot. I love reading about you. I might go do these few questions over at my blog! Never stop following me, you're such a doll. I think I might make your blog a button and put it on my blog. Do you mind?


Cara said...

What do you think of the button? If you don't like it I can try something else or just... whatever you like! =) Here is a blog post that includes a picture of my tattoo. http://caraalynn.blogspot.com/2010/03/where-you-go-im-in.html

Lemme see yours!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Why on Earth are you self conscious about your body? You look amazing and there are plenty of women who would KILL for it.

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Sophie said...

DUDE I love that ring.

and your blog.

please follow mine and I will do the same :)


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