Thursday, May 27, 2010

diamonds and rewinding era

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I am sure you are all getting sick of my blog posts with just outfits. So i decided to talk about a girl's best!

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Diamonds were first worn by a french woman in 1430. She founded the fashion of wearing them. Agnes Sorel was the name of the Frenchwoman. Diamond is the hardest substance known to man. Also, a diamond's 'fire' or glow is a result of the way the substance reflects light within itself off of its many surfaces. The light is in turn reflected back to the eye creating a glow.
I'm a huge history buff. I love history, and reading about it. Usually I stick to things like wars, the women's movement but i thought fashion would be a bit more fun. Who doesn't like a nice diamond? Honestly, I am kind of a pearl girl ;]. Whats your favorite stone or piece of jewelry? I love earrings! :]

i sometimes swear i was meant for a different era. as i was wearing todays dress i felt like i was on a trip back to the 60s. i loved it though. it was sooooo hot today. hence why my hair is up again.

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dress- made by me!
shoes- gift from my dad
earrings- forever 21 3.80
headband- forever 21 1.50

love love love,

p.s. i'll have a REAL post tomorrow.

and i am obsessed with these silly bandz i have like 5 on my wrist.
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Michelle (michabella) said...

Its ridiculous how popular silly bands are! Teachers have banned them from their class rooms around here because they are a huge distraction! So silly. Anyways, I totally am not bored with your blog posts! ANother cute and fab outfit! I personally am a pearl wearing girl too <333

Anonymous said...

Silly bands are just that! Such an odd little trend!

Love your look. So retro-chic.


Phuong said...

gorgeous dress, and wow you made it?!!

kalie brynn. said...

That is such a sweet little dress, I can't beleive you made it! It's something I would totally see and fall in love with at a store. And I love pearls, as well...they're so classy :]

You have an adorable blog!

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