Sunday, May 9, 2010

the journey to find the perfect dress.

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I've spent the whole day downtown and at mayfaire with my lovely boyfriend. trying to find the ultimate birthday dress. It was the worst thing ever. I found so many gorgeous items but as soon as i put it was horrible. Nothing fit right! Smalls were too big and too long. I was getting so frustrated. We went to the last store of the day. First rack we went to was the sale rack. I saw a gorgeous black lace frock with a ribbon tie. Absolutely stunning. Well i got sidetracked by the sales girl who was very helpful and gave me ten million other dresses to try. The dress i grabbed first was pushed back for the last thing to try on. As soon as i put it on I had my fingers crossed and kept praying that it would fit. I was scared zipping it up that it would be too tight or too lose. As soon as i was done zipping it and tying the ribbon around my waist..I looked in the mirror. It was prefect. I came out of the dressing room telling my bf how perfect it was. It was only 31 dollars including tax. I won't be posting any picture of it till the big day. But I am thinking coral heels or maybe even yellow. The possibilities are endless. 24 more days and I'm 21!

Anyways, outfit of the night and day:

I wore this out last night. I loved how the purple looked with the leopard print :]
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♥ leopard print shirt, forever 21. $10.80
♥ purple skirt, can't remember where but only $4.95
7hearts; earrings, gift from a friend
♥ purse, rue 21 $1.00
♥ sandals, forever 21 $9.80

todays shopping outfit! the pics not too flattering but i adored this outfit!
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♥ blouse, express bought at rugged wearhouse for $3.00
♥tank top, forever 21 $2.50
♥ shorts, abercrombie and fitch $7.50
♥ purse, forever 21 $9.80
♥ shoes, forever 21 $3.00, socks betsey johnson $1.00

Btw, I adore this boy for putting up with me today. Seriously..25 dresses or so? Yup, great bf.
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Anyone having a birthday coming up soon?

xo & cupcakes


Samantha said...

I'm glad you found the perfect dress for your birthday! Also I loved your night outfit, very cute.

vivatveritas said...

i love your first outfit! so cute:)


Cara said...

And please please coral heels!


Danielle said...

love the purple skirt! glad you found a dress :)

Greener Bangalore said...

Cooool dresses!!!

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