Thursday, September 30, 2010

rainy days

Autumn is finally here and Halloween is just around the corner! I am rather excited for Halloween. I love dressing up in the costumes and going out with my friends. This year I have already planned on two costumes that I need to start working on as soon as I get a chance. I've been this past week and I just feel awful. It doesn't help that it is raining/flooding in Wilmington. So going out in the rain with a bad cold has bee very wet and uncomfortable. It is my second week as a photographer at my new job and lets just say I LOVE IT! It is absolutely fun and the pay is great!

I am really quite a big nerd. I love video games, super heros, comics, star wars, harry potter, kingdom hearts, the list could go on and on. So this year I am donning two super heroine costumes! Silk Spectre II and Wonderwoman!

I've been wanting to show you all my apartment for about a month or so now. I took two shots of two of my favorite things. I would take more but its a bit of a mess since I am too sick to get anything done.
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we are getting ready for the fall!
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part of the tree i painted in our living room above our couch.

And this is how I am spending the rest of my day..crocheting some fall stuff for the new shop First Peter and watching gossip girl! Oh plus eating some yummy Nutella Brownies i made last night ;]
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love and harry potter,

Friday, September 10, 2010

dreaming in french

I have finally returned from an over extended hiatus. One that may have not been announced exactly but a lot has been going on. I've missed you all! I have so much I want to talk about but I think it might be best if i break up this post just a wee bit. So that way there will be more blog posts for you all!

Here is a list of all the awesome things going on right now in my life. Everything has flipped back to normal!
1. I have internet again!
2. I moved into my new gorgeous apartment! I will take pictures as soon as my bf gets batteries in his camera.
3. I am up to 527 followers on tumblr. Which is insane.
4. I got a new job! As of yesterday and I start today! :]

Is anyone excited about fall? I am dying to wear all the pretty trends right now. Its killing me. I want to snuggle up in an oversized sweater and some boots. I am working on presents for my boyfriends up coming birthday and presents for Christmas. I've made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to even get into the mood. I already have two halloween costumes planned haha. I will be presenting my fall/winter line in the next few weeks. I also will be opening a new etsy shop for these goodies.
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I also am thinking about cutting my hair. Not super short but still past my shoulders. I need help though! I am the worst at hair cuts because I get so scared. I've had numerous horror hair stories. I just want a fresh start on my tangled mess of hair. I know I am dying it darker soon and adding light pink lowlights. The summer has totally made my ends turn a light brown color. So i have two tone hair. This is my current hair right now. I'm just not sure what to do. So any pictures or suggestions would be amazing!
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..I was thinking about going the whole zooey route since i already have the bangs.
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Has anyone ever seen the show pushing daisies? Well its frickin awesome. I am so angry they cancelled it after two seasons. I just recentl discovered it and its my new favorite show. The leading lady Chuck has a fabulous wardrobe. Her frocks are so inspiring when i watch the show. The show is just an absolute blast of color and quirkiness. It is definitely something to check out on hulu.
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kissy chuck and ned Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyways I will be posting every day or every other day! <3 love love love, jas. p.s. harry potter will be out in almost two months!

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