Friday, May 7, 2010

OTD for under 15 dollars? yup.

I haven't had an outfit of the day post in a while. This truly isn't what I was wearing earlier but it was such a bargain and i was so excited. So i had to share of course :].

I fell across this little number while I was out grocery shopping with the boyfriend. I just couldn't get over how adorable it was. It didn't help that its so hot today and it just looked so comfortable to slip on.

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♥ Blue Romper- Wal Mart Girls Section fo only $6!!
...before you say ew, walmart? Let me explain. It was only 6 dollars! I love rompers, its made with 100% Organic Cotton (great plus!), plus i adore the stripes. It was such a bargain that i had to get it. I can't get over how it fits so well either. Not to tight or loose. Hello XL Children's Size! Anyways, they come in tons of colors. yellow, green, pink, red, orange. I wanted one in every color but i had to restrain myself. The back has a keyhole opening, and a bow. Cute details. Also, it feels wonderful and so soft! :] (huge plus!)

♥ Shoes- Forever 21 but bought at Rugged Warehouse for $3

♥ hair bow (not seen) made by kaley fellows @ Little Honey Pies Headbands purchased for $3


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