Thursday, April 29, 2010

hey girl, whats in your purse

i am the worst when it comes to random things in my purse. i seem to store everything in there..from random pieces of jewelry to business cards. Who knows what may lie in there..haha.

I decided to post a picture of my favorite purse and what lies in it. I left the little things in there..such as the random change,cards, and nose rings.

This is my favorite Kathy Von Zeelend purse. I just love the colors, the fabric and the hardware that makes up this gorgeous bag. My mother got it for me last year on my birthday. I adore it! Its perfect for the spring and summer. Now what lies in my purse..

1)Wallet; I really like this wallet. Its just a cheap wallet that my bf got me for Xmas but its so cute. I like the floral design a lot and the texture. Its also stuffed with receipts
2) 100 Calorie Snack; I am obsessed with snacks and I always eat them constantly.
3) Fantasy by Britney Spears Lotion; Sexy Little Things Body Spray by Victoria's Secret
4) Makeup; Pink Wink Lipstick, SPF 15 Chapstick, Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer, Lip gloss from my mama, and Lash Blast Mascara
5)Iphone and headphones. Cannot survive with out my phone or music (RIP Stolen Ipod)
6) Misc; keys, favorite pen, forever 21 bracelet, and boyfriend's sunglasses

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i've been drooling over these nail polish colors since the winter. I reallly want to get the green soon. I find it absolutely lovely and perfect for the spring :]

xo and cupcakes

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wonderful giveaway at madebylex

Check out this awesome giveaway at MadebyLex

They are giving away a gorgeous beaded purse and if you win you get to chose which one you like between two. I personally love both of them. This red one is a knock out. So definitely check it out! Plus madebylex is one of my favorite blogs to catch up on. She is really sweet, and I look forward to her knew blog posts.

:] xo and cupcakes

p.s. tomorrow i will announce the winner, and i have a new outfit post!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

little things

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On Friday I got the job as an assistant for an accounting firm. Which is a real blessing because it pays amazing, and it will help me pay for my bills. I also received $100 gift card to Victoria Secret. So question is..what is your favorite Victoria's Secret item? The reason I ask you is because I feel like spreading the love for another giveaway in a week or so! Give me feedback and I'll start another giveaway. Also, I'd love more participants in this giveaway. So spread the word and I'll send you something special. Just comment and let me know or throw me an email at It'd mean the world to me if you helped me out! :]

I am also starting a new line of embellished t shirt and they will cost about $10-12 dollars each! Plus, they are really cute. I'll have pictures of one tomorrow. I also have a new dress thats coming up into the summer collection.

I have so many obsessions right now..and I feel like sharing.
1) Open Back Dresses or Low cut dresses in the back. Or dresses with some detail in the back. I just find it so stuning.
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2) KNEE SOCKS! I love them so much. I just got three pairs for work tomorrow. Black, grey and navy with polka dots. Too cute.
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3) Zooey's style. I mean I am always obsessed with her but I can't stop drooling over her style. She is just too gorgeous!
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xo & cupcakes

Thursday, April 22, 2010

giveaway,giveaway, giveawayyy!

this may be a drawn out post but there is a lot i need to add haha. today was a really goood day for a few reasons! i have an interview at some office as an assistant which would be great. I just need to dig around for a nice outfit to wear. I also received something lovely in the mail today. but more of that in a bit..

i would like to announce my very first giveaway with a twist! Not sure if anyone will participate..but i am kind of hoping you will!

I am giving away this cute makeup bag made by me! it consists of zebra print cotton, with lace in the front and the back is lavender ( not sure about the fabric. it was from the prom section haha) its fully lined on the inside and super cute. I was almost tempted to keep it for myself. Onward to pictures..

[i am a mascara whore]

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and for the twist.. i am also giving away one of my favorite dresses i've made.
this lovely dress named after my sister. it has cute rabbit buttons! :]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic (fits like a small/medium)

so there will be two winners for these lovely items! here are the rules to enter:
1. First off follow my blog and comment below

For two more additional entries..

Visit my shop Home and tell me what your favorite item is with a comment :]

Last, just mention this giveaway in your blog with a link back to it. Comment below if you do! :]

This giveaway will end a week from Friday on April 30th! Oh, and also leave your email too. So if you win i can contact you! :] Winner will be chosen totally at random.

About what I received in the mail.. I received my first win in a giveaway which was a lovely dress given to me from Petite Republic She is very sweet. The dress fits wonderfully and i love it so much! I might wear it to my interview tomorrow for good luck! ;] excuse my horrible hair and face making. :p

last but not least! i made a new gorgeous dress that i am just loving. i have it listed on my etsy shop so def check it out.

xo cupcakes and love

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

oh well hello gorgeousness

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can i have these shoes please? i know they seem ridiculous but i adore them. i'd actually be a proper height for once.


rainy days and friendship

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its a gross, soggy day in wilmington. it doesn't help that i am still a bit under the weather. so you might be seeing two blog posts today. i can finally sew again! it doesn't hurt my arm as much as it did the past week. i am working on finishing a few of them a really pretty summer/pastel dress for my etsy shop. you should see it soon. I am also done with the give away. I just need to get my bf to upload the pictures on his laptop for me. I have decided that either every two weeks there will be a new giveaway or like once a month. I am not too sure yet. I am hoping you all will like the giveaway, i spent an afternoon working on it. There will be a post on it later..promise :].

Friend Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

I have a wonderful friend/sisterwho did a Spotlight piece about me on her blog. You all should check it out and follow her. She is planning on having giveaways often soon. She is rather lovely as well. If anything check out the post. It made me smile and tear up a bit. It is also my first spotlight post! Very exciting. Here is an excerpt of what she said about me:
"Our perfect lives of Victorian houses, small towns, adventures around Dover somehow became overshadowed by college, relationships, and her big move to North Carolina. Without getting into much detail, Jasmine was the girl that other girls hated and boys loved until she lost her New England identity of a beauty queen with her move to the South. The former Miss Teen New Hampshire candidate went to North Carolina with the intention to live her life in the most genuine way possible. "
I cannot believe how sweet she is :] and I am really grateful that she is my friend.

today is supposed to be the day where i talk about a song that makes me cry or nearly. a song that makes me cry is Nineteen by Tegan and Sara It has a lot of meaning to me and it basically fits the summer i was nineteen. Down to the little details haha.

i love this version of the song can feel the emotion as she is singing.

last but not least. a dress and a pair of shoes i am lovinggg. i want haha!
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i love the cut outs. i think it'd be cute with tights and wedges
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i love these shoes! i want them so bad.good thing my birthday is only a a monthish away ;]

love and cupcakes xo

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the center of everything

this book is amazing. everyone needs to check it out. it started out kind of slow but in the end i loved it. it draws you in and you can't put it down.
(click the link to buy it at amazon!)

so about the giveaway, i am working on it still..i just can't find the right material for this small object. i am going to look again tomorrow at joanns.

toodles noodles xo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

once i knew a girl and i named her lover

picture taken of me recently:
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i never usually take pictures of myself anymore..back in highschool i was a camera whore. i admit i take a lot of webcam photos but thats usually with michael or when i am really bored. this picture is kinda cute/blurry. we had fun that day, it was quite lovely out as well.

i absolutely love the colors for this spring. soft blush pink, creams, nudes. plus the fabric is gorgeous, light weight, lots of denim, and lace. ahh this spring is lovely! speaking of lovely i made a gorgeous skirt tonight and will have to take pictures tomorrow. i absolutely adore so many things i find online that i have a click save obsession.

these are a few of my favorite spring inspired things..
Image and video hosting by TinyPic the colors, low cut backs, and bows. gorgeous.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic i adore this dress! i love the ruffle detailing too. plus the fact that i am on a blue kick is also a help :]

lastly, there is a blog i adore a lot. ( Vivaverita's blog is quite wonderful and inspirational. You should definitely check out her blog and her etsy shop ( She has the most adorable dresses ever! I am dying to get one as soon as i get the money to (hint hint for my birthday ;]). Anyways, her designs and clothing are wonderful. She is really sweet too! So definitely give her blog a peek.

Two of her amazing, gorgeous dresses I am drooooling for. Everything is well priced in her shp too..specially since it is handmade. She has a good taste for color too! :] I can imagine wearing this dress to a tea party or getting drinks this summer.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic ( i adore this fabric ♥)

toodles noodles xo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Day 9 (?) i keep losing track of the days haha. Anyways, photo of me taken over ten years ago. Since all my pictures are at my parent's house, I will have to post the only picture I have that fits this time frame. This picture is almost 20 years old and from my first birthday. My 21st birthday is approaching soon (june 3!). I adore this picture because it is with my mommy! :]

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lovely day!

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[oh la la]
i need new sunglasses. sigh.

Day 9; Photo taken by me. I love the picture! It was taken back in 2007 and it was in downtown Dover!! I miss Dover a lot! I wish i could go home now, its been too long (2008 was the last trip :'[) i have dreams about this lovely hometown a lot. ahh everyone in dover i miss you as well!

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anyways today was a wonderful day. I had my interview at Forever 21. I am now an employee of Forever 21! :] Really excited and i start next week. This made my day and I was really excited. I've been working on new ideas and experiments for my store Home. I will have pictures soon. I am awful! I know I promised giveaway pictures but I am still sickish and having a hard time sewing with my arm pain. I will have i ready at the latest by Friday.

Anyways pictures from today's lovely outfit:

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i love laughing while pictures are being taken of me haha.
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this outfit was a total bargain, so i am listing prices as well ;]
black romper- forever 21, $14.50
redish/coral short sleeve cardigan - forever 21 $8.49
sparrow necklace- forever 21, 3.80
white sandals, not sure brand but i do remember they were only 1.99!
sparrow banner tote- forever 21, 12.49
floral belt- rue 21, 3.99 which is weird because i dont usually like their stuff.
and sunglasses are my boyfriends and kidnapped for my wearing.

damn. i wear a lot of forever 21.

i love this outfit. its totally comfortable and cute. my sister and her roomie was discussing how I can pull of rompers and they couldn't. something about butts haha? I just got this rumper a few days ago and thats when I put my application in. Goood luck i think. :p

what should i design? anyyy suggestions, any ideas? let me know.

toodles noodles xo

Monday, April 12, 2010

new bunny

Day 8: This photo makes me sad because of the story i read about this photograph. this woman's fiance was in the military and sadly died over in the middle east. she would like to lay on his grave and just think or even talk to him. i cannot imagine losing my fiance in anyway. i could not even begin to understand the pain she is in. whoever she is or where ever she is i hope things will get better for her soon. i saw this picture sometime last spring/summer and immediately knew this picture was a powerful thing and it made me tear up when i saw it. i have a lot of respect for people in the military as well. anyway's this picture is for day #8
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so today i got a new baby bunny for Michael. He needed a pick me up and I wasn't sure what. My sister and I decided to go to the pet store after we had lunch. Thats when I met the cutest lop eared baby rabbit ever. I knew she was perfect to cheer up michael. We decided to name her Willow and Chai as her middle name ( yes all of our animals have middles names :p) Anyways here is a picture of her with my sister..

she is so tiny and cute! also so cuddly as you can see below. we were snuggling up on my bed earlier :]

tomorrow is my interview at forever, i hope it goes well! wish me luck ;]. on a happy note giveaway pictures tomorrowish? I am still working on it :]!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


day 7: a photo that makes me happy. well i have lots of photos that make me happy..and i feel like sharing.
i love bunnies a lot.
Photobucketthis makes me happy because i am with my lover and on my favorite place ever..the beach!

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my best friend james and me at 15.

Forever Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, April 10, 2010

give away, sick, and cute dress

i was debating as to what i would write about what tickled my fancy. later tonight or tomorrow i am going to post my first giveaway. it won't be anything huge or anything like that just something cute and small but it will be fun. anyways I will post about my outfit from last night.

I had to go to the doctor today because I have some weird infection thats causing my glands to swell under my arm pit. it hurts so bad and the pain spreads up my arm. its horrible gah, i am hoping it goes away.

excuse my non makeup face and poofy non done hair :]
i just got the dress yesterday. it was instant love at first sight. it was only 15.99 too! i got it from a place i normally never shop at too which was suprising.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

dress-Abercombie and Fitch. Weird find but its so comfy, no zippers or anything i love the floral.
long sleeved shirt- Forever 21. The temp has dropped down strangely and I couldn't find a cardigan to wear over it.
knee socks- wal mart for a dollars. i love socks and heels lately!
heels- charlotte russe. another bargain buy..only $6.50!

anyways pictures later of giveaway. so look forward to it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

oh summer time

Day 5: My favorite quotes are from Peter Pan and Garden Stat.

Peter Pan is one of my favorite things in the whole world and I plan on getting this quote tattooed on me eventually.
"To die would be an awfully big adventure." I've loved Peter since I as a kid, and read most books that are parodies or spin offs of it. I love the original book and all the movies. I just adore Peter Pan. Haha I have a crush on a fictional character!
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Also my other favorite quote from Garden State. "When I'm with you I feel so safe, Like I'm home." Like I sad in the past..home has a huge meaning for me in so many ways. I've always loved this quote and movie as well. I have a huge crush on Zach Braff.
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Outfit from threeish days ago? It was reallllly hot out that day (89!!) I couldn't find something suitable and light enough to wear either. That is when this outfit came in play. Don't mind the horrible faces. My boyfriend seems to catch me at horrible moments. My hair is even worst. Humidity has made it into a poofy wavy mess. Plus the sunglasses are huge I know. I just can't go out in the sunlight with sunglasses. My eyes will burn out. Yeah, I'm weird.

plaid tunic/dress- forever 21
grey slip- forever 21
belt- vintage found at goodwill (only a $1!)
sandals- i think forever 21?
headband- forever 21
earrings- wet seal
purse- christmas present. its a great purse too! :]

plus me and my adorable copartner and bf:

Oh i know everything is from forever 21. i usually am not decked out completely in their things. but i think that outfit brough good luck because i applied there and got a call 10 mins later for an interview! :]

Thursday, April 8, 2010

number three and four

Since I missed number three yesterday ( i was busy working on this gorgeous dress!) I will do that one today along with number four.

Favorite Television Show: My all time two favorites are South Park and Desperate Housewives. I am also loving Vampire Diaries lately (on tonight!). I used to thing it was a ripoff of twilight but lately I've been getting into it. I actually have a block of my favorite tv shows lined up every week. I like to watch them as I sew.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

my favorite book is: the perks of being a wallflower, harry potter series and this lullaby. all the books are wonderful. i also loved peter pan as a kid. i still do actually.
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Today was such a great day! I got a new job at this toy swapping place and my new boss said I could sell some of my stuff there. Which is great! :] I also won this adorable dress:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The give away was held at:
Her blog is really cute, and I love reading it. Definitely subscribe!

Later on I'll have picture of my outfit from yesterday. I plan on starting my outfit of the day.

:] I plan on having a giveaway soon!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

inspiration and number two

i've gotten a lot of questions about whoare my style icons. the first people that pop in to my mind are audrey hepburn, zooey, & jenny lewis. i love al three of their styles! i also get style inspiration in pieces that just draw me in. i love florals, zippers, and knee socks lately. i am also really into neutral and soft pink colors. i one day hope to be a style icon. i love fashion too much!Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

i plan on making a lot of cute things this week because...i quit my baking job! i was getting drained with the hours, had no time to enjoy life or sewing (which is torture) and never got to cuddle up at night in bed with my cute boyfriend. so heres a hint at the new things i am going to create: open back dress with unique shape cut, light weight airy beaded dress (maybe beads), zipper double layer skirt. lots and lots of fun things!

onward to number two (riley i hope you don't mind i stole this!)
my favorite movie of all time is:gah i can't pick just one! its star wars vs garden state vs edward scissor hands vs eternal and etc. but i'll tell my two most favorite recents.

Adam; so sweet, and heart touching (not corny i swear, just the words i chose are) the story is really cute, and it has a good plot line.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

500 Days of Summer; I am fascinated and have a huge girl crush on Zooey. She is too damn cute. I like how the movie unfolds and ends. I also love the smiths touch, and her outfits were very inspiring. 500 days of summer Pictures, Images and Photos

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