Wednesday, May 26, 2010

oh peter pan fly into my window

Peter Pan Pictures, Images and Photos
i love peter pan! this reason i am bringing this up is because i am blogging at my sisters right now and we are watching it. Its such a cute movie and its bargain of the day. It seems to be that I am hitting up a bunch of bargains. I got the cute shoes I am wearing in todays outfit for only $5.00. Plus, i bought the movie for 3.99 along with Vicky Christina Barcelona for 5.99. I do love sales.

Sorry for the one out of focus picture. The weather was disgusting so i kept fidgeting. Also for some reason the camera wouldn't stay in focus. So i got one half decent one and a great shoe photo.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Dress- Wet seal, $6.99
Crochet coat thing- Wet Seal
Earrings- Charlotte Russe, $4.00
Shoes- Not sure of brand but purchaed at rugged wearhouse for $5.00
Socks- Bestsey Johnson, $1.00

Also I was inspired by Miss Cara
to create my own award to give out to all my lovelies.You all are the sweetest ♥. Thank you for being such great friends!
(you all knew i had to stick with my whole cupcake theme ;]) The following win the Cute as a cupcake award You get this because you have great fashion sense, or you are sweet or just have an awesome blog!

Miss Anonymous

love love love,
jasmine iris.


Paige Baker said...

Great film!

Cara said...

I almost made my award a cupcake instead of a deer!
adorable. xoxox

miss anonymous. said...

The whole outfit was so cheap, REAALLLLYY jealous!

Thanks for the award :)


christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

hey miss pretty.
Thank you SO much for the award! I am truly grateful and honored! The cupcake award badge is the cutessstttt! You definitely deserve one too, because it's obvious that you have a cute blog and amazing style!
Thanks again dear! ♥

Hope you have a fun long weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award, lovely! Yesterday was not a great photo day for me either :( haha, really adore your look though! I'm totally jealous you can pull off the socks and sandals look.

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Michelle (michabella) said...

I LOVE that quote from Peter Pan!!! & cutest award everrrrr! I am so honored :) Thank you friend!!! <3333 Oh & another awesome outfit :)

thenextarrow said...

i adore that peter pan! so lovely.


xo Alison

Danielle said...

aww that's so sweet! i need to keep up with my blog more haha

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