Sunday, February 28, 2010

yellow party dress

I've decided to start an Etsy shop as soon as I have a few solid new pieces. After college I am going to try to open up my own shop if all goes well (fingers crossed!) Anyways..last night was interesting to say the least. Michael and I powered through making a gorgeous yellow dress in three hours so I could wear it out to some (lame) party. I was really excited about it because of my seams being so neat and clean. I was the only one in something that didn't resemble an outfit that didn't entitle a funeral outing. The party was very boring because I only had one beer and stood around as strange drunk people surrounded me. Two girls decided to hump guys for a good hour on the couch and I kept getting the dirty stink eye from flannel wearing girl. Weird, very weird. To say the least I suppose I am not the partying type.
Michael and I had a mini photoshoot last night. We were supposed to be taking picture of the new clothes for Burda but that was a failure because he was drunk and too silly haha. It ended up being blurred images of my crazy looking faces in outfits I made. Today I plan on finishing Riley's dress, andd having rehearsals which I am not to fond of right now..(rehearsals that is..i hate them!)
I am really excited for after spring break because I am getting the other room when our roommate moves out. I am planning on making it a sewing room complete with a pink desk haha. I have been deciding on how to decorate it for a while now. It'll be nice to finally have my own space in this apartment.

here is the "Gretchen Dress" better pictures laterr.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

lil grey riding hood?

sewing has possessed me and i can't sleep with out dreaming about zippers. i absolutely love it and honestly making my own clothes is much more fun. it makes me happy too. i had a dream the other night which i actually want to make happen in real life. i was walking around this cafe/boutique thing..after a while in this dream i realized it really was mine! it was so detailed and real that i knew this wasn't some silly thing i dreamed about. it is something i want to make happen. aside from the sewing obsession i am trying very hard to stop eating so many sweets but these donuts are too too tempting. i am trying to lose a few pounds since i have put on weight from moving out/stress. wish me luck on that ha. we will see if i am successful.

i made this really cute/quick project the other day because i was obsessed with my lil red hood from my halloween costume. i thought it'd be fun to wear this in the spring when it is raining and what not! anyways i dig the ruffles, hood and flower. so sad that this excites me.
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run away, run away

i want to run away to new york lately. i am better than young marriage and having babies barely out of my teens.

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