Wednesday, October 13, 2010

joy of pumpkins

Autumn is here and one of my favorite fall things is PUMPKINS! But who doesn't love pumpkins? Pumpkin pie smells wonderful. I love the taste of Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte. I am also looking forward to my visit to the pumpkin patch soon.

Too get into the mood of fall I have been incorporating a lot of pumpkin related things into my life. From making this delicious pasta dish with a cream pumpkin sauce. I also made these wonderful cookies from Sunshine and Carousels. Although I altered it I added apples, and a secret ingredient. Which resulted in a fluffy cookie almost like a muffin top. They were delicious. Last but not least I experimented in the kitchen and made my mother special birthday cupcakes. Chai tea cupcakes with a pumpkin honey cream cheese icing. My family devoured them. Question is whats going to be on tonights menu?

What is everyones favorite fall trend?

I am really liking knee socks and tights. Then again I like them every year. ;]

Everyone enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, read a fantastic book, bake up a storm, take a long bike ride, watch a nightmare before christmas, enjoy a fire, bundle up. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this wonderful season.

love and pumpkins,

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