Friday, April 2, 2010

spring is here

spring is finally here in wilmington and it is plain wonderful. 83 today, and 80 something yesterday. I spend most of my days at the beach now. But in reality I am a bit miserable. My job is a kill joy. Most of you don't realize that I am a baker..yup a baker. A baker at Dunkin Donuts. Its okay I have no one supervising me it's just the hours are horrible.

anyways i have been having major nostalgia from summer 2008 when i just turned nineteen. its something thats been hard for me to get over for so long.. i am not sure why but there is def a mark on my heart.

i REALLLY want to giveaway a dres but i want at least 20 followersss to do this and i am horrible at telling people i have this blog. if you want to see a giveaway from me please get people to follow me :]

p.s. i love love love this dress i made. so comfy and so cute!Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Danielle said...

love that! i'll definitely take pictures once i get your dress and tell everyone to follow you :)

vivatveritas said...

thats so cute! great job in making it!!

carol said...

so cute! love the dress

Iva said...

so cute!! I totally like polka dots :)

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