Monday, April 12, 2010

new bunny

Day 8: This photo makes me sad because of the story i read about this photograph. this woman's fiance was in the military and sadly died over in the middle east. she would like to lay on his grave and just think or even talk to him. i cannot imagine losing my fiance in anyway. i could not even begin to understand the pain she is in. whoever she is or where ever she is i hope things will get better for her soon. i saw this picture sometime last spring/summer and immediately knew this picture was a powerful thing and it made me tear up when i saw it. i have a lot of respect for people in the military as well. anyway's this picture is for day #8
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so today i got a new baby bunny for Michael. He needed a pick me up and I wasn't sure what. My sister and I decided to go to the pet store after we had lunch. Thats when I met the cutest lop eared baby rabbit ever. I knew she was perfect to cheer up michael. We decided to name her Willow and Chai as her middle name ( yes all of our animals have middles names :p) Anyways here is a picture of her with my sister..

she is so tiny and cute! also so cuddly as you can see below. we were snuggling up on my bed earlier :]

tomorrow is my interview at forever, i hope it goes well! wish me luck ;]. on a happy note giveaway pictures tomorrowish? I am still working on it :]!!


courtney and brigitte said...

That bunny is so cute! I had a bunny but it ate the remote control buttons...

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