Tuesday, April 6, 2010

inspiration and number two

i've gotten a lot of questions about whoare my style icons. the first people that pop in to my mind are audrey hepburn, zooey, & jenny lewis. i love al three of their styles! i also get style inspiration in pieces that just draw me in. i love florals, zippers, and knee socks lately. i am also really into neutral and soft pink colors. i one day hope to be a style icon. i love fashion too much!Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

i plan on making a lot of cute things this week because...i quit my baking job! i was getting drained with the hours, had no time to enjoy life or sewing (which is torture) and never got to cuddle up at night in bed with my cute boyfriend. so heres a hint at the new things i am going to create: open back dress with unique shape cut, light weight airy beaded dress (maybe beads), zipper double layer skirt. lots and lots of fun things!

onward to number two (riley i hope you don't mind i stole this!)
my favorite movie of all time is:gah i can't pick just one! its star wars vs garden state vs edward scissor hands vs eternal and etc. but i'll tell my two most favorite recents.

Adam; so sweet, and heart touching (not corny i swear, just the words i chose are) the story is really cute, and it has a good plot line.
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500 Days of Summer; I am fascinated and have a huge girl crush on Zooey. She is too damn cute. I like how the movie unfolds and ends. I also love the smiths touch, and her outfits were very inspiring. 500 days of summer Pictures, Images and Photos


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