Sunday, April 25, 2010

little things

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On Friday I got the job as an assistant for an accounting firm. Which is a real blessing because it pays amazing, and it will help me pay for my bills. I also received $100 gift card to Victoria Secret. So question is..what is your favorite Victoria's Secret item? The reason I ask you is because I feel like spreading the love for another giveaway in a week or so! Give me feedback and I'll start another giveaway. Also, I'd love more participants in this giveaway. So spread the word and I'll send you something special. Just comment and let me know or throw me an email at It'd mean the world to me if you helped me out! :]

I am also starting a new line of embellished t shirt and they will cost about $10-12 dollars each! Plus, they are really cute. I'll have pictures of one tomorrow. I also have a new dress thats coming up into the summer collection.

I have so many obsessions right now..and I feel like sharing.
1) Open Back Dresses or Low cut dresses in the back. Or dresses with some detail in the back. I just find it so stuning.
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2) KNEE SOCKS! I love them so much. I just got three pairs for work tomorrow. Black, grey and navy with polka dots. Too cute.
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3) Zooey's style. I mean I am always obsessed with her but I can't stop drooling over her style. She is just too gorgeous!
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xo & cupcakes


imogene's antlers said...

hey girl! sorry for not getting back to your email this weekend (it was hectic!) -- i will get back to you tonight. so glad to hear that you are doing well!

congratulations on getting the job! i am so proud of you!

favorite victoria secret item? i hope that you will consider this for a giveaway or at least purchase it for yourself. it are inexpensive and adorable:

this tote in black is just so cute (roomy and cheap too!)

Samantha said...

I too adore Zooey Deschanel's style. I saw She & Him recently, they were doing an outdoors show for Austin Texas, SXSW. It was freezing out and she was still dressed adorable!

I am Samantha btw and I find your blog interesting :]

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