Saturday, April 10, 2010

give away, sick, and cute dress

i was debating as to what i would write about what tickled my fancy. later tonight or tomorrow i am going to post my first giveaway. it won't be anything huge or anything like that just something cute and small but it will be fun. anyways I will post about my outfit from last night.

I had to go to the doctor today because I have some weird infection thats causing my glands to swell under my arm pit. it hurts so bad and the pain spreads up my arm. its horrible gah, i am hoping it goes away.

excuse my non makeup face and poofy non done hair :]
i just got the dress yesterday. it was instant love at first sight. it was only 15.99 too! i got it from a place i normally never shop at too which was suprising.
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dress-Abercombie and Fitch. Weird find but its so comfy, no zippers or anything i love the floral.
long sleeved shirt- Forever 21. The temp has dropped down strangely and I couldn't find a cardigan to wear over it.
knee socks- wal mart for a dollars. i love socks and heels lately!
heels- charlotte russe. another bargain buy..only $6.50!

anyways pictures later of giveaway. so look forward to it!


vivatveritas said...

i like the socks! i really want to experiment with socks and pumps or sandals this spring and you put it together very nicely!

jasminee said...

thank you! yeah i love socks and heel combo lately. You should def try it out. You could def pull it off :]

Danielle said...

love it! i'm so excited about my dress, no problem about the wait!

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