Friday, April 9, 2010

oh summer time

Day 5: My favorite quotes are from Peter Pan and Garden Stat.

Peter Pan is one of my favorite things in the whole world and I plan on getting this quote tattooed on me eventually.
"To die would be an awfully big adventure." I've loved Peter since I as a kid, and read most books that are parodies or spin offs of it. I love the original book and all the movies. I just adore Peter Pan. Haha I have a crush on a fictional character!
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Also my other favorite quote from Garden State. "When I'm with you I feel so safe, Like I'm home." Like I sad in the past..home has a huge meaning for me in so many ways. I've always loved this quote and movie as well. I have a huge crush on Zach Braff.
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Outfit from threeish days ago? It was reallllly hot out that day (89!!) I couldn't find something suitable and light enough to wear either. That is when this outfit came in play. Don't mind the horrible faces. My boyfriend seems to catch me at horrible moments. My hair is even worst. Humidity has made it into a poofy wavy mess. Plus the sunglasses are huge I know. I just can't go out in the sunlight with sunglasses. My eyes will burn out. Yeah, I'm weird.

plaid tunic/dress- forever 21
grey slip- forever 21
belt- vintage found at goodwill (only a $1!)
sandals- i think forever 21?
headband- forever 21
earrings- wet seal
purse- christmas present. its a great purse too! :]

plus me and my adorable copartner and bf:

Oh i know everything is from forever 21. i usually am not decked out completely in their things. but i think that outfit brough good luck because i applied there and got a call 10 mins later for an interview! :]


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