Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lovely day!

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[oh la la]
i need new sunglasses. sigh.

Day 9; Photo taken by me. I love the picture! It was taken back in 2007 and it was in downtown Dover!! I miss Dover a lot! I wish i could go home now, its been too long (2008 was the last trip :'[) i have dreams about this lovely hometown a lot. ahh everyone in dover i miss you as well!

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anyways today was a wonderful day. I had my interview at Forever 21. I am now an employee of Forever 21! :] Really excited and i start next week. This made my day and I was really excited. I've been working on new ideas and experiments for my store Home. I will have pictures soon. I am awful! I know I promised giveaway pictures but I am still sickish and having a hard time sewing with my arm pain. I will have i ready at the latest by Friday.

Anyways pictures from today's lovely outfit:

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i love laughing while pictures are being taken of me haha.
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this outfit was a total bargain, so i am listing prices as well ;]
black romper- forever 21, $14.50
redish/coral short sleeve cardigan - forever 21 $8.49
sparrow necklace- forever 21, 3.80
white sandals, not sure brand but i do remember they were only 1.99!
sparrow banner tote- forever 21, 12.49
floral belt- rue 21, 3.99 which is weird because i dont usually like their stuff.
and sunglasses are my boyfriends and kidnapped for my wearing.

damn. i wear a lot of forever 21.

i love this outfit. its totally comfortable and cute. my sister and her roomie was discussing how I can pull of rompers and they couldn't. something about butts haha? I just got this rumper a few days ago and thats when I put my application in. Goood luck i think. :p

what should i design? anyyy suggestions, any ideas? let me know.

toodles noodles xo


christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

SUCH a cute outfit! I love it. Congrats on your new job!!!! I bet you will be working for free because I'm sure all of your paycheck will go to buying their clothes. ^^*

Danielle said...

i want a romper so bad! i was trying to figure out whether or not i could pull one off haha

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