Thursday, April 22, 2010

giveaway,giveaway, giveawayyy!

this may be a drawn out post but there is a lot i need to add haha. today was a really goood day for a few reasons! i have an interview at some office as an assistant which would be great. I just need to dig around for a nice outfit to wear. I also received something lovely in the mail today. but more of that in a bit..

i would like to announce my very first giveaway with a twist! Not sure if anyone will participate..but i am kind of hoping you will!

I am giving away this cute makeup bag made by me! it consists of zebra print cotton, with lace in the front and the back is lavender ( not sure about the fabric. it was from the prom section haha) its fully lined on the inside and super cute. I was almost tempted to keep it for myself. Onward to pictures..

[i am a mascara whore]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
and for the twist.. i am also giving away one of my favorite dresses i've made.
this lovely dress named after my sister. it has cute rabbit buttons! :]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic (fits like a small/medium)

so there will be two winners for these lovely items! here are the rules to enter:
1. First off follow my blog and comment below

For two more additional entries..

Visit my shop Home and tell me what your favorite item is with a comment :]

Last, just mention this giveaway in your blog with a link back to it. Comment below if you do! :]

This giveaway will end a week from Friday on April 30th! Oh, and also leave your email too. So if you win i can contact you! :] Winner will be chosen totally at random.

About what I received in the mail.. I received my first win in a giveaway which was a lovely dress given to me from Petite Republic She is very sweet. The dress fits wonderfully and i love it so much! I might wear it to my interview tomorrow for good luck! ;] excuse my horrible hair and face making. :p

last but not least! i made a new gorgeous dress that i am just loving. i have it listed on my etsy shop so def check it out.

xo cupcakes and love


katia said...

i am a blog follower :)

love the dress you made btw!

katia said...

i LOVE the tea for two dress in your shop! perfect for spring

Juebejue said...

woooo! i love how the dress look on you!!! thanks for the picture! :D

Diana the Donut King said...

your a very talented designer :D

handmadehappiness said...

the blue dress is adorable!!!! x

imogene's antlers said...

(this isn't an entry for the giveaway since i am ordering a dress anyways)

good luck with the giveaway! i am excited for whoever wins! i think that people will be so pleased!

i just wanted to say that the purple dress is absolutely GORGEOUS. i wish that i had more money, i would purchase it in a heart beat.

Danielle said...

i just ordered something too so i'll let someone else win...but i can't get over that lavender dress, i might have to order one in the near future.

sophie said...

slightly unrelated but i love your tattoos! do you have a tree on your ankle? i was going to get one on my arm but i'm going for flowers insread. do you have any closer photos?

april said...

i love the dress! i followed you via bloglovin

p.s. i also like the strapless blue dress on your shop

Talia said...

i'm following you now on bloglovin
i like your etsy shop and i can't chose just one.



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