Sunday, July 25, 2010

hasn't felt the same

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Hey ladies. It hasn't felt the same for me lately to blog over here. I am going through a lot of stress right now. Some personal things messing up with my blogging world. Miss Cara
told me to update my blog more and that made me smile. I just feel weird lately and I am slipping into a world that is altered. I'm just sad I guess. I am not sure if I should even blog here anymore. Anyways just for Cara I am blogging because I love her! She also added me on facebook which was a pleasant surprise. :]

On behalf of Cara..I am going to answers to questions she asked me earlier.
1) Do you have your own apartment?
Yes, I do! I actually am moving out by August 22nd. I haven't found a place to live yet though.. and I am not sure if i am even staying here now. (Oh Cara if you look at the birthday picture of me that you commented on you'll see my apt living room in the background:]. Oh and bedroom door ;])

Do you have a job? I hate it. It drives me crazy. I am praying/hoping to get this nanny position I just was interviewed for today. It is perfect for me honestly. Its the only motivation I've had lately. *fingers crossed, prayers keep going* Please, keep me in your prayers! I really need this job to stay in wilmington.

I am loving the idea of fall right now. I am craving to get a few of these items for my fall wardrobe. What do you all think? I know my style is a little odd.. :]

These shoes are gorgeous. I want to wear more heels this fall :]. I also want a pair of clogs..


add some bright sweaters, cute print tights and new earrings. I'll be set. You will also be seeing a lot of new refashions soon.

P.S. Spread the word on the giveaway! I am pushing the end date till August 17th! Love you guys!

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cathy. said...

I love the yellow coat, it's cute :)

Thanks for the ad, it looks awesome, should be up very soon!

xox cathy.

Cara said...

you're so SILLY. i love that i was mentioned like, nine times in this post. xD hahah. i love your style, for real. i love the way you dress and how it looks on you. you're so FRESH and classy.

i miss you. i hate the post.
OH, and i love you.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything's okay dear. I really adore those t-strap shoes!


Riley said...

I'm always going through periods where I just don't feel like blogging, but when I finally get around to doing it, I feel so much better! Weird right? I'm with you girl.

kalie brynn. said...

Jasmine, you are such a beautiful person. I love your blog and the things you share. I am so sorry to hear you are going through a rought time, I completely understand how it makes it difficult to blog. I took a break from mine and it really was helpful. And although I would miss you a lot if you quit, you definiterly need to do what's best for you!

On another note, you have the best style ever. I love every piece of clothing here...especially that yellow coat and the shoes. Adorable.

I will be praying for you and your job! I really hope it's yours!

☁ christine ☂ said...

please don't stop blogging.
life gets busy sometimes and blogging just doesn't become a priority but it will always be there for you to fill with lovely pictures and thoughts. but blogging should be something you want to do and not an obligation. whatever makes you happy dear.

i think i go through what you go to once in a while. you will get through it, just stay positive.

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