Monday, July 5, 2010

for in dreams..

First off I am so sorry that I've been a horrible blogger. I am also sorry I haven't been commenting as much. Its just been a crazy busy mess lately plus still have internet problem. I promise I'll be a better blogger friend to you all and if i have to get on my iphone to comment. I shall :]


It is almost the beginning of the end. I can't believe it. Can you guys? It kind of breaks my heart that within in a year it will all be over. :'[ I plan on having my own little harry potter party this fall. I think it would be a nice start for the season. Also, I am going as Princess Jasmine and Hermione for halloween. Should be fun! :]

Anyone else excited for Harry Potter?
I honestly just tried to write a list out of my favorite books in order but I can't! All of them just built up into a great collection. Something i want to share with my kids also. Ironically as i type this i am wearing my Gryffindor shirt. ;]


It hasn't even been six months since I reallly started to sew ( i did mess around when i was like 12).  I can't believe how much I have improved since then.  I am so blessed to have gained this skill and also for having a great bf who taught me the ropes. I also am so blessed that i have all of you amazing people who actually read this silly blog. All of your wonderful and sweet comments has given me the drive to start sewing more and more. Fall is approaching and I am excited to introduce my fall line to you all when it is time. I love you guys and I appreciate every comment you have left me. Thank you for letting my blog blossom a little bit. Even though i only have 27 followers I thought i wouldn't even make it to ten. It'd mean the world to me if you spread the word about my blog. In return i will introduce a new giveaway once i hit 50 followers. I promise an amazing dress or shirt or just something really really cute. Maybe even a giftcard to one of on my fave places (mod cloth!) So please give me some love and spread the word! love you all

So in honor of me mentioning this I have decided to make a timeline of some of my creations from the beginning to now. 


love and harry potter,

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SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

i've never been a fan of harry potter books, but i love the movies! i am really looking forward to this next one. the previews make it look sooo good!

that picture of emma watson as a kid next to what she looks like now is amazing! it's crazy to see how much she has grown up.

you also make super cute clothes. i wish i could sew and design as well as you!


Cara said...

okay first off, love you even more for putting that gorgeous harry potter photo, and also ending your post "love and harry potter." please, i want to come to your harry potter party, pleeease?

I LOVE all of your creations; especially that yellow one, OH PLEASE! Do you sell on etsy? I want to own that yellow one, immensely. oh wow. you're glorious, jas!

can't wait to read your letter, babygirl. xoxox

miss anonymous. said...

I've actually never read a hp book in my life OR watched any of the movies. Everyone's always mega shocked when I tell them, but I just haven't foudn the time to read through so many books. :P

I love all your creations! I can't wait to see more! :)

xx miss anonymous.

Michelle (michabella) said...

I am soooo excited for your fall line to come!!!!! AH! So proud of you too :)

I LOVE HARRY POTTER! Everyone screamed (including myself) in the theatre for Eclipse when the Harry Potter trailer came on! STOKED!


Danielle said...

ah i want to cry when i think about harry potter ending. i just started to reread the last book. and i LOVE emma watson more than anything.

Gem said...

i just found your blog and i think im in love, not with cus that would be freaky, but just your blog :L i can't wait harry potter either :D i love rupert grint ♥ xx

Jenni said...

i am unbelievable excited for harry potter. And I am jealous of you shirt because I let my ravenclaw shirt go somewhere along the say and my heart breaks every time i think about it. I don't know what I was thinking letting it go!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to start reading the HP books this summer. Can you believe it? I haven't read a single one.

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Lynzy said...

Just found your blog, adorable!

xo Lynzy

Samantha said...

My favorite post of yours yet!
I love Harry Potter lol it is a guilty pleasure of mine and I adore all of your clothes that you have sewn. You truly are something special, hun.

aisaicha said...

i love the emma watson pictures <3
xoxo, Icha

LIZ said...

i love harry potter, and the last film will be launched twice, this year and next year

Elena S. said...

i just came across your site & i love it ! its so cute - love the pics! DEF following you ♡
id love for you to check out my blog. I constantly host giveaways and interact with my readers.
My next giveaway will be hosted in a week or so!

xo elena

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