Thursday, July 8, 2010

give me some emma

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Since it seems everyone enjoyed my last post about HP i thought it'd be fun to continue the trend. I am going to add a touch of HP to every post for a little while. Today though I am focusing on the gorgeous and fresh Emma Watson. I still remember seeing her with her bushy frizzy hair and now she is this gorgeous woman. Yes I said woman. I believe she is a way better role model then Miley Cyrus could ever wish to be. Emma Watson turned in to a lovely woman. I can't wait to see her in other roles.
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i love these shorts! i think i am going to go thrifting and find a pair of jeans. then i will cut them up. ;]

Oh and speaking of other roles. They are creating The Perks of Being a Wallflower into a movie. Which I am honestly not happy with at all. The book was amazing and I'd hate for them to ruin the specialness of this wonderful story. Although Emma Watson is rumored to be playing Sam. We will see what happens..

I feel like i haven't had an OOTD in forever. So I finally snapped a picture of the outfit I was wearing today. Don't mind the wrinkly skirt. I was rushing out for lunch and din't have time to whip out the iron. Although my necklace is awesome. My little sister got it for me for my birthday. I swear its the cutest thing
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Tshirt- Forever 21, 3.50
Skirt- Forever 21, 10.50
Necklace-Forever 21 birthday gift from my little sister
Sandals- Forever 21
Purse- Rue 21

love and harry potter,

p.s. i know you all know i haven an unhealthy obsession for Zooey. Well i decided not to kill you all on my zooey loving. So i created a tumblr dedicated just to her..

check it out! :]


Michelle (michabella) said...

Screw Miley! I love Emma Watson! Her style is so unique! LOVE your outfit today too :)

Cara said...

OH my oh my i LOVE emma in that white dress. dang she is beautiful. why is she so beautiful? she is such a woman. i love her.

hermione rules.


kalie brynn. said...

OH my gosh. I think you are my twin...seriously. First of all-- I cannot WAIT for your harry potter posts, I am obsessed. Emma Watson is gorgeous, I love her!

And Zooey Deschanel?! girlfriend! What a good idea, I will definitely be following your tumblr! She is utterly fabulous. As are you!

ps. CUTE necklace!

Chelsea said...

I too love Emma. she's so grown up.

and your outfit is very cute as well!

miss anonymous. said...

Emma is absolutely amazing!

I love your necklace, I wish I had such a cool sister :P

xx miss anonymous.

Danielle said...

cute outfit! if i could be anyone, it would be emma watson.

The Little Dust Princess said...

Great OOTD..such a cute necklace. Emma Watson grew up to be such a beautiful young lady..I love her!

Samantha said...

Pssh I also love Zooey but what is your tumblr? I will follow you :>

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