Sunday, June 27, 2010

made by me

Hello Ladies! As promised I am posting the two dresses I made. I love both of these dresses a lot. Specially the short one. I've had so many compliments on it so far which makes me feel really happy about my dresses.

My maxi dress: I love the colors in these dress. The red is so vibrant.
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Circle brown and cream dress. It reminds me of the 70s. Which is a decade I am loving right now.
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I saw Toy Story 3 finally on Friday. It was so so so good! It almost made me cry though. I love how I got the chance to grow up with toy story. It was such a great last toy story and it tied up everything wonderfully. I am definitely going to have to purchase it on DVD when it comes out. My boyfriend, my friend Michelle,and I were probably the oldest people there minus the parents. As we were leaving the movie we were attacking by loads of children. One child decided to slip his hand up the dress I was wearing and grab my butt. Another child grabbed my boyfriends hand. I also was pushed around in the bathroom by children half my size. I love children don't get me wrong but they were a crazy bunch in the movie.
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xo & love,


bebe bird beck said...

I ADORE the maxi dress! I would so wear it.
Both are adorable, you talented girl!

Samantha said...

I loved the second dress! And you look so pretty in both of them ma'am.

Cara said...

GIRLFRIEND, i love you in that maxi dress. yes yes yes.

and i am SO DOWN about being penpals. one requirement: we MUST use pretty, cute, fun stationary. and it CAN be designed by ourselves. i just think we both could really use some adorable cheering up and encouragement from each other!!! and i know it would make us smile. there. i made one rule, now you make one rule, and now i'm going to go email you my address. I CAN'T WAIT. xoxox

Danielle said...

love them both! i agree, the colors on the first one are beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Both dresses are sooo lovely! I really like the maxi in particular!

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SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

wow! you made those dresses? they are both SO adorable! you have some true talent there. my favorite is the short one. :)


sophie said...

i love both dresses but especially the second one! i want it so muchhh.

Michelle (michabella) said...

Hello friend!!! FABULOUS DRESSES!!! You are so talented! I adore the 70's dress the most! <333

miss anonymous. said...

I love the maxi dress! The colours go so well together :)
xx miss anonymous.

Diya said...

LOVE this dress on you!!! the pattern is just so beautiful...

Anonymous said...

beautiful dresses! love the colors of the maxi dress

amylou said...

I love the red floral dress! Awesome job! It's very cute!

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