Wednesday, June 9, 2010

layers of jasmine

I've been wanting to write this post for a while but I just haven't had a chance. I got this idea from on of my favorite bloggers, Keiko .

So here we all will get to know me a littler better.
  i want to hear you scream it. scream it loud.
1)I can never decide on my favorite color. I go through these weird color I've been on an orange kick. Although, I am now moving on to mint green and lavender. My ultimate favorite color is pink though ;].
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2)I dated a guy for over two years, and was engaged to him within a year. I wasn't happy to say the least. I fell in love with another guy almost a thousand miles away. (i've know him forever) I fell hard, and had my heart broken. Go ahead and judge.

3) I am completely fascinated with Zooey Deschanel. I wish i could look like her she is simply gorgeous and i love her look! I like how she is sexy in an underrated way.
zooey deschanel Pictures, Images and Photos

4) I have had anorexia since 7th grade. Its been an on going struggle for nine years now. Right now I am fine, and I have no problems eating. Although, the monster i call anorexia always like to kick me down.

5) I don't know how to do my makeup well! I mean I can do the basics like mascara, eye liner, powder etc. I honestly cannot do anything smokey eyes, or even a night look. I try and I end up looking like a clown!

6)My biggest dream is to move back up North again. I would love to work in Boston for fashion or something on the lines of that. I just need to get out NC.

7) I love love love video games. I could sit down all day and play kingdom hearts

Tell me about yourselves, I'd love to get to know you all!



Michelle (michabella) said...

Thanks for sharing! I too can never have ONE favorite color! You should go to Clinique and ask one of the ladies if they could show you tip on how to do your eye makeup!! :) <333

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Very brave for you to come out about your "monster." Hope you stay well.


Eilish said...

thank-you for this lovely post. It's quite inspirational.. gorgeous photo :)

bebe bird beck said...

Just found your blog. So adorable.
Love this post and how honest you are.

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