Wednesday, June 23, 2010

man on man your my best friend, i'll scream it to the nothingness.

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I've been sewing so much lately. I have made a lot of lovely pieces! I made a very cute dress that reminds me of the 70s. I also made my first maxi dress, and I am currently working on a very baby dollish dress. The dress I am working on now I am kin of obsessed with making. It screams nothing but cuteness. Pink fabric with a bow print, cream jersey, grey stripes and a peter pan collar with a floral flip side. I went all out and crazy cute with this dress. I will have pictures of my creations soon! Speaking of sewing. I am working on my fall line and all I can say is its going to be pretty darn cute. I am feeling the vibe of soft fabrics, wonderful details, and peter pan collars. I am considering opening another etsy store with my little crafting creations away from my clothing. Pin cushions, cute pillows, the works. I am sorry y'all I am just really excited!

Since I don't have an OOTD here is something I enjoyed, something i look forward too, and something that makes me smile.

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1) This morning I woke up really early because I wasn't feeling well. Michael left for VA so I was in bed alone and decided to watch 500 days of Summer. I love this movie! I've seen it over ten times by now. Pathetic? Maybe. Obsessive? Possibly. In love? Yes.

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2) Holy deviled eggs! I am realllly excited to see Toy Story 3. I was supposed to see it yesterday but things came up. I heard its wonderful! How ironic..a commercial for ts3 just came on the tv haha.

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3) My favorite beatles song is Dear Prudence or Blackbird. Those songs always make me smile and always make my day feel so much better. :] Whats your favorite beatles song?

love love love,


Cara said...

Holy stinking crap, Jas (can I call you that? I feel like we're close enough. If you hate it though, be honest and tell me.) I want you to put things on etsy PLEASE and maybe even send me something homemade for my 21st birthday. A GREAT IDEA- we should mail eachother cute packages for fun. YES. PLEASE. to cheer us both up, in this broken slump. I love ya girl!!!

PS, yes, ts3 rocks, AND I NEED TO SEE 500 DAYS OF SUMMER.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great, happy post. I'm going to see TS3 this weekend--I can't wait!

And you're totally inspiring me to make a maxi dress... hmmm :)


Paige Baker said...

Alll so great!! ♥

Shelley Ann said...

500 days of summer is so cute! i love that movie.

and reading about your sewing really makes me wish i could sew! it would be awesome to be able to wear something that you didnt just buy but actually made!

☁ christine said...


I've been a bit busy and horrible at catching up with comments.

I just wanted to first say THANK you SO much for the award! I am truly grateful and honored to receive it! :D

If you're half Filipino, what's your other half? You are SO SO lucky to have natural beach waves and high tolerance of pain, both of which I really wish I had.

You are such a skilled seamstress! I hope you will post tons of pictures of your new creations, can't wait to see them :D

Oh, and 500 Days of Summer: best movie evaaaar. I am in love with Zooey and even more in love with Joseph ^^

S. Bernstein said...

I totally love sewing it's the greatest! Glad to see you're having fun with it!

miss anonymous. said...

I really want to see your creations! They sound amazing :)

I haven't watched 500 days of summer, but it looks super good, on my to do list, definitely!
xx miss anonymous.

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