Friday, June 18, 2010

vacation and one years

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Hello darlings! No, I am not dead..I am just on vacation till sunday. I am in virginia beach with the boy visiting his family. It is a nice break from the struggles we are going through right now.

First off I need a huge favor. I need yall to keep me in your prayers please. I am going through a rough patch right now and I'll explain why.
1) I found out that my apt complex is cutting my lease short a month. Meaning in two weeks I have to move out. I have no place to move into so I am going to bum it on my sisters couch. It sucks because apartments here are so expensive. The ones that are cheap are in bad areas. So please pray I can find a nice apartment! Also, some of you may wonder why I can't just move in with my rents. I live about 4 hours away from my parents. I moved here to be with my bf and sister. Plus, i love wilmington! :]

2) I lost my joh. My amazing job that permitted me only to have to work part time and make enough to cover rent. So on top of losing the apartment, I lost my job. So i am struggling with money. So please pray i can find any job soon.

3) Also, I was mugged a week or so ago. Still freaked out.

On a happy note..Tuesday June 15th was my one year anniversary with Michael. It was splendid! I cannot believe its been a wonderful, amazing, fun year with him. Since we are having money problems we decided not to do anything big. We got mugs from the craft store..the ones you can decorate with those markers haha. Well we decorated these reallly cute mugs for each other. Mine was the cutest/sweetest present ever. Cd's were also made for each other. To top it all off Michael made me a wonderful dinner consisting of homemade pizza and chocolate mousse. Wonderful day! ♥
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[love,love, love]

Since I haven't had an outfit post in forever here is one from a few weeks ago that I never got around to posting. Hot hot heat in wilmington!
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Romper, Wet Seal $18.50
Hat, Forever 21 $9.80
Shoes, Sperry purchased at thrift store for $1.00 of my favorite beach outfits

love & cupcakes,

p.s. i am too too excited to see toy story 3! anyone else?


Sarah said...

hope you're ok sweetie.
Love your romper, you look amazing! and congrats on the anniversary xx

bebe bird beck said...

Oh man, so stressful. You are in my prayers. God will work everything out for your good.

And mugging... scary! :[

Danielle said...

i love that romper! good luck with everything love :)

miss anonymous. said...

Aww, I hope everything gets better soon! I love the romper though :D

I gave you a blog award, check it out if you wish :)

xx miss anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're having a rough time at it. I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts... just keep your head high--things will get better! BTW, you and the BF are so cute!!


Michelle (michabella) said...

Fabulous beach outfit!!! Love the hat! I bought one at Target for the beach! :) Did you see Toy Story 3? I heard it was soooooooo good! I must see it! <333

Chelsea Robbins said...

LOVE that romper.

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