Friday, September 10, 2010

dreaming in french

I have finally returned from an over extended hiatus. One that may have not been announced exactly but a lot has been going on. I've missed you all! I have so much I want to talk about but I think it might be best if i break up this post just a wee bit. So that way there will be more blog posts for you all!

Here is a list of all the awesome things going on right now in my life. Everything has flipped back to normal!
1. I have internet again!
2. I moved into my new gorgeous apartment! I will take pictures as soon as my bf gets batteries in his camera.
3. I am up to 527 followers on tumblr. Which is insane.
4. I got a new job! As of yesterday and I start today! :]

Is anyone excited about fall? I am dying to wear all the pretty trends right now. Its killing me. I want to snuggle up in an oversized sweater and some boots. I am working on presents for my boyfriends up coming birthday and presents for Christmas. I've made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to even get into the mood. I already have two halloween costumes planned haha. I will be presenting my fall/winter line in the next few weeks. I also will be opening a new etsy shop for these goodies.
Pig in a pumpkin Pictures, Images and Photos

I also am thinking about cutting my hair. Not super short but still past my shoulders. I need help though! I am the worst at hair cuts because I get so scared. I've had numerous horror hair stories. I just want a fresh start on my tangled mess of hair. I know I am dying it darker soon and adding light pink lowlights. The summer has totally made my ends turn a light brown color. So i have two tone hair. This is my current hair right now. I'm just not sure what to do. So any pictures or suggestions would be amazing!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
..I was thinking about going the whole zooey route since i already have the bangs.
[500] days of Summer Pictures, Images and Photos

Has anyone ever seen the show pushing daisies? Well its frickin awesome. I am so angry they cancelled it after two seasons. I just recentl discovered it and its my new favorite show. The leading lady Chuck has a fabulous wardrobe. Her frocks are so inspiring when i watch the show. The show is just an absolute blast of color and quirkiness. It is definitely something to check out on hulu.
pushing daisies banner Pictures, Images and Photos
kissy chuck and ned Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyways I will be posting every day or every other day! <3 love love love, jas. p.s. harry potter will be out in almost two months!


LaLa said...

Thanks for the love mama! As you already know I love your blog!!

stay in touch!


Samantha said...

I have missed your post hun! Glad to see you are back and things are going so well. I love Zooey's hair in 500 days of Summer. She is my fall bangs inspiration. Summer bangs are more pin up looking. I can't wait to see what you are working on for your etsy shop.

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...
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SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

oh my gosh! i think you would look so cute with side swept bangs, and a little trim. i suggest looking through hair magazines and pulling out pictures that interest you. if you're into zoey d, i would look at some katy perry hairstyles too, because they are both pretty similar. :) best of luck!!

and whaaat! i can't believe i won the nail polish! that makes me really happy! what do i need to do? my email is


Michelle (michabella) said...

Welcome back!!!!

Regarding your hair...CUT IT! DO IT! It always grows back. Thats my philosophy. I love Zooey's hair! Oh and am so excited about fall...if only the weather would come sooner! Congrats on all the followers on Tumblr, the new job, and on the new apartment!

Happy Weekend! <333

cathy. said...

So happy you're back! I've missed your posts! :D

Can't wait to see your new etsy shop!


Claire said...

aw, your dress is so cute. i love the way your hair is now but if want to go short, the zoey look would definitely suit you!


Kara said...

Hi, I just found your blog. That pig pic is the cutest, and I can't wait to try making some pumpkin choc chip cookies now!

Cara said...

you didn't declare a winner!
xo love girl.

augustalolita said...

awe i think you look amazing <3 the zoe look is great on you and i just love her!!

Miss T said...

congrats on the new job. :)

Gorgeous Post. :)

Pretty give-away on Monday at

Secondhand Society said...

we love pushing daisies!

Anonymous said...

Definitely do up the Zooey Deschanel hair--so pretty. I'm really excited for fall too and those little piglets are super cute :)


Jen said...

I have an obsession with baby pigs. I just love them!! Aren't they the cutest???

Happy Tuesday Dear! xo

kalie brynn. said...

Yay for new and exciting things! You sound like you're doing well, which makes me happy! As for cutting your hair, do it! I love long hair, but sometimes a change is so nice. I just recently chopped of 12 inches of hair...and it feels great. My split ends were disgusting. And, it will grow back if I miss it. So I say, GO for it! You are so cute you cold pull of anything. But I LOVE Zooey's hair in that movie.

p.s. My roommate and I just had a Harry Potter movie marathon. We are currently re-reading the 7th book. SO EXCITED.

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