Thursday, September 30, 2010

rainy days

Autumn is finally here and Halloween is just around the corner! I am rather excited for Halloween. I love dressing up in the costumes and going out with my friends. This year I have already planned on two costumes that I need to start working on as soon as I get a chance. I've been this past week and I just feel awful. It doesn't help that it is raining/flooding in Wilmington. So going out in the rain with a bad cold has bee very wet and uncomfortable. It is my second week as a photographer at my new job and lets just say I LOVE IT! It is absolutely fun and the pay is great!

I am really quite a big nerd. I love video games, super heros, comics, star wars, harry potter, kingdom hearts, the list could go on and on. So this year I am donning two super heroine costumes! Silk Spectre II and Wonderwoman!

I've been wanting to show you all my apartment for about a month or so now. I took two shots of two of my favorite things. I would take more but its a bit of a mess since I am too sick to get anything done.
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we are getting ready for the fall!
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part of the tree i painted in our living room above our couch.

And this is how I am spending the rest of my day..crocheting some fall stuff for the new shop First Peter and watching gossip girl! Oh plus eating some yummy Nutella Brownies i made last night ;]
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love and harry potter,


Danielle said...

i can't wait to see your costumes! i always have such a hard time coming up with something.

Monica said...

that painting is wonderful! i wish i had your talent!

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

ahh! i just love fall. your decorations remind me so much of this wonderful season, and everything that comes with it! warm fires, the leaves changing, hot chocolate, sweaters, and pumpkin spice! :)

you also have an awesome idea for a costume! i still don't know what i'm going to dress up as yet. haha!


PearlsandPolitics said...

I just joined your blog and am loving it!
All of the autumn posts and pictures are getting me excited about October and Fall :)

cathy. said...

Can't wait to see the costumes!

I really want Nutella brownies now :(


20 York Street said...

you painted that tree? Wow, beautiful!

love your blog, love your talent!



Anonymous said...

How awesome! I can't wait to see how your costumes turn out :)


kalie brynn. said...

You're so inspiring! I LOVE your fall decorations. My roommate and I have been getting just as excited! We bought two bags of halloween candy yesterday...just for us though :] great costume!

I hope you feel better soon. Your open laptop and crocheted project is such a familiar sight, reminds me of myself....nothing is more relaxing!

iloveyouvalentine said...

what a cool costume!!
and oh...omg gossip girl is my addiction :)

i've just discovered your blog and i love it! you post such lovely, lively things :)

if you get a chance, please visit mine as well!

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

hey girl! just wondering if you ever go my email with my info for the contest you had a while back?


Michelle (michabella) said...

Oh sweet friend! Cant wait to see your costume! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Totally remember my wordpress days! :P


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