Friday, February 26, 2010

lil grey riding hood?

sewing has possessed me and i can't sleep with out dreaming about zippers. i absolutely love it and honestly making my own clothes is much more fun. it makes me happy too. i had a dream the other night which i actually want to make happen in real life. i was walking around this cafe/boutique thing..after a while in this dream i realized it really was mine! it was so detailed and real that i knew this wasn't some silly thing i dreamed about. it is something i want to make happen. aside from the sewing obsession i am trying very hard to stop eating so many sweets but these donuts are too too tempting. i am trying to lose a few pounds since i have put on weight from moving out/stress. wish me luck on that ha. we will see if i am successful.

i made this really cute/quick project the other day because i was obsessed with my lil red hood from my halloween costume. i thought it'd be fun to wear this in the spring when it is raining and what not! anyways i dig the ruffles, hood and flower. so sad that this excites me.
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